Two Gals and a Dog – Our RV Journey

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Two Gals and a Dog at the Lance Factory

Two Gals and a Dog were invited to visit the Lance Factory in Lancaster, CA recently and bring our Lance, who we fondly call ‘Lacey’ Lance for a few upgrades! Of course, we were delighted! ... more

Two Gals visit the Big Texan Steak Ranch

One of our elderly friends, in his early 90’s, said to us… “When you go through Texas, just over that border somewhere, is a famous steak place, you have to stop there!” Well, Leroy, we ... more

Meteor Crater - West of Holbrook AZ

It was day 1 of our Spring Cross-Country Trip from Arizona to Massachusetts. We decided to stay at the Petrified Forest KOA in Holbrook, AZ. There are several things we want to see here and ... more

RV Destination - Queen Mine Tour in Bisbee, AZ

While camped at the Desert Oasis RV Campground, we found several interesting things to do. One of them was taking the Queen Mine Tour. Laurie and I were once quite involved with our local Chamber ... more

The Desert Oasis RV Campground - Bisbee, AZ

While we were exploring the towns of Bisbee and Tombstone in Southern Arizona, we chose to stay at the Desert Oasis RV Campground just outside of Bisbee. The Good Sam rating ensured it was a ... more

RV Television Show

It’s hard to write stories of our mistakes especially when we are told over and over again by the experts surrounding us. People we admire and respect. People like Mark Polk of RV Education 101, ... more

Arizona Border Collie Rescue

Also on this week’s show Michelle Fontaine and Laurie Church (Two Gals and A Dog), meet up with a couple of women RVers that have dedicated most of their time to rescuing Border Collies. Twenty ... more

Loving the Bisbee area of Arizona!

Destination Southern Arizona So many stories from this past week for Two Gals and a Dog (AND two grandsons). We visited the Pioneer Living History Museum, Biosphere 2, The Queen Mine Tour in Bisbee, Bisbee ... more

RV TV Show - Two Gals and a Dog

 If you’re a regular visitor to our website then you’re probably familiar with Two Gals And A Dog or, in the real life world, we’re talking about Michelle Fontaine, Laurie Church and Rue, their ... more

The Phenomena of Quartzsite Continues - Largest Show Ever!

Perfect Venue for RV Suppliers When you ask someone what Quartzsite is you’ll get some interesting answers. Billy DiDonato, Head Trainer for Truma Corporation, spent time at Quartzsite representing Truma products. We caught up with ... more

Why RV? For these Gals, it's About Dogs, Toys and Friends!

We met Kelly Quinn and Kara Anderson through our Two Gals and a Dog Facebook page. Sometimes you get a feel for people even through social media. That’s the way it felt. Kara was quick ... more

Cindy shows her Teardrop Trailer

Imagine being a solo woman who dreams of traveling but is afraid to tell her friends and family knowing they will try to talk her out of it. But, you do it anyway! That’s Cindy ... more

Connecting with our RV Dealer friends

When people ‘RV’, hooking up with friends becomes a reason to be somewhere, but this hook-up was particularly amazing to us. We bought our Lance 1575 in Vermontville, NY, which is almost as far as ... more

Linda Brown, RVing Women

When we attended our first RVing Women (RVW) rally, we shared stories and had some laughs with the group. We invited them to come to our site and tell their stories for and perhaps ... more

RVing Women Rally

‘Ho Ho Ho, and a Bottle of Rum’….Laurie, Rue and I, as Two Gals and a Dog, recently joined RVing Women, a national organization with over 2000 women. In early December we headed off to ... more

Amish Country of Intercourse, PA - an RV Destination

We left Massachusetts and headed west pulling our new little home behind us. Our second night found us at the Beacon Hill Campground in Intercourse, PA. New England has such lush lovely countryside and the ... more

Laurie and Rue at computer in Lacey

RV travel we shall.. but NOT without the Internet! Having good Internet access is important to most RVers. Working with Rollin’ On TV and other clients makes it pretty darn important to me. So, as ... more

An Intimate Review of the Lance 1575

We spent 3 solid weeks traveling cross-country in our new Lance 1575. There were two short ventures out before this trip but this one really put the Lance 1575, and Michelle, Laurie and Rue, through ... more

Good Times but What about that 'Voltage Sag'?

‘Roughing’ it in Lacey We’ve held off purchasing outside cooking equipment so far for Lacey and we had run out of propane because we didn’t check to see if the frig had turned over to ... more

Covered Bridges from Cheshire County, NH

One of our goals on this RV weekend was to video and photograph the 6 covered bridges of Cheshire County, NH. Such a beautiful New England location, we were there during the lush of fall ... more

liquid gushes out

Our very first black and grey tank dump happened this past weekend. All was going well until Laurie unscrewed the cap to the tanks. Out spewed liquid! The levers were closed so we were flabbergasted ... more

Block Island as seen by Two Gals and a Dog

Do you yearn to spend time on or near the ocean? The Atlantic Ocean? It’s interesting how I hear that over and over, probably from my mom who is a transplant from the East Coast ... more

Where does this go?

Yup, it happened. The two new girls in our lives got ‘hitched’… finally! Cagney and Lacey get hitched We delivered the truck to RVs R Us on Monday night and learned they also needed the trailer ... more

Lacey and Cagney Meet - Next they get Hitched!

Once Lacey, our new Lance 1575 travel trailer, made it to our home in Douglas, MA it was then time to acquire Cagney. We had decided on a Toyota Tacoma TRD Off-Road. Our motivations has ... more

Thetford's Smart Tote 2LX

Well, there’s something to look forward to! John, sitting across the table at lunch yesterday, said to this newbie RVer, ‘I guarantee you, you WILL get crapped on!’ We were talking about the details of ... more

Lacey - Lance 1575 - has Arrived!

Anthropomorphism, the personification of inanimate objects, goes way back into ancient storytelling and traditional fables. So, we pondered… what should we call our new Lance travel trailer. It, and the truck we’ll get next will ... more

Meeting Max at Happy Camping RV Sales

Once we decided on our first RV purchase of a Lance 1575, we learned there aren’t many Lance dealerships on the East Coast. Lance is manufactured in California. The closest dealer who had our model ... more

RVing in Newport, RI

Trendy, quaint, historical New England Seacoast town… Newport, RI. Does it make sense to add this to your RVing adventure? Perhaps! Newport offers much during the year. Part of the attractions include the famous Newport ... more

The RV Buying Process for Two Gals and a Dog - Part 1

Three months ago we decided to start our RV adventuring. As I cover here, flying and staying in motels with a dog has its challenges. And our bucket list of reasons is covered here. As we ... more

Why Are We Embracing this new Journey?

Everyone who RVs or Camps has their own particular reasons. These are a few of ours. I would LOVE to hear yours. To Explore We’ve discovered that we love taking dirt roads to find out ... more

3 Reasons RVs are Better than Flying and Motels when you travel with a Pet

We own a dog or maybe I should say she owns us 😉 Rue travels with us just as much as possible. She’s our baby! And traveling with a dog is challenging. 1. Airline Rules ... more

entering Taliesin West

Entering Taliesin West – photo by L. Church I noticed the sign to Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin West as we were heading to the Rollin’ On TV Shoot in Mesa, AZ. I had never heard ... more

Mingus Mountain Rd. photo by L. Church

When we live in this part of the country, we enjoy finding interesting places to camp with an RV and whatever toy you have to venture out with from your temporary home base. Last time we ... more

Photo by Laurie Church - RV near Crown King, Arizona

Using that RV for destination camping or getting to the place you want to ‘play’ is the name of the game these days. We’ve committed to several Rollin’ On TV segments this season emphasizing some ... more

Leff-Ts Steakhouse Dewey MA

Unless you know a ‘local’ to point you in the right direction, you could miss out on the best tasting steak in the area! We think Leff-T’s Steak House and Grill is a don’t miss for ... more